Jackson Wardle is a freelance cameraman working out of Brighton. He works on a wide variety of projects across the globe but specialises in Factual Entertainment. His ten years of experience have placed him in all manner of situations allowing him to develop the skills to cope with anything thrown at him. Jungles full of insects, baking hot deserts, icy cold tundras and a good old rainy english day are all something he can tackle with a smile. Working with many skilled and professional colleagues throughout his career has taught Jackson how to work with speed, skill and respect.

“Jackson has a really natural eye, his love of movies shines through and he is really intuitive when it comes to following contributors and conversation on camera. (Super bants on set and although I will never admit it to him one of my best friends in this industry!)”

Natalie Wilkinson
Series Producer


“Jackson has been a hardworking assistant for me for years now and he has become a great friend and cameraman to work alongside.”

Pete Allibone
Director of Photography


“Jackson is a brilliant cameraman, great eye, creative and hard working. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. He's an absolute diva when it comes to coffee though!”

Nicola Tremain